Gaming Analysis

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Gaming club profitability and efficient gaming operation are one of the fundamental requirements for a successful club. RCA has developed models and insights to assist Clubs in a number of areas;

MEMBER INSIGHTS - combining market wide insights, external societal trends with member data and trend analysis provides venues with an actionable plan to address revenue shortfalls or strategies for growth.

REWARDS REVIEWS - with loyalty program costs rising, how can you identify the real cost of delivering your Rewards program? RCA have implemented a method for evaluation and measurement for venues to understand the true cost distribution.

RETENTION ANALYSIS - return to player (RTP) been rising over the years with new product, while retention has been problematic for venues as 'expected' does not meet 'actual'. RCA have developed a model that uses market wide data to identify the issues and a path to rectification.

GAMING MANAGEMENT - using our successful 'Gaming Group' model, we expand the management of Gaming to a wider group of stakeholders beyond the traditional boundaries by developing a bespoke reporting tool that uses key data from your venue to create discussion and impactful insights.

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