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These are challenging times for registered clubs and other labour intensive industries, including restaurants, accommodation, retail and aged care. Effective business decisions that will assist these businesses meet the challenges of a changing operational environment cannot be made on hunches or hearsay.

Russell Corporate Advisory provides the expertise, information and analytical framework for sound decision making. We work closely with boards of directors and operational managers to create a blueprint for building business success into the future.

Sound decisions require solid data and strong analytical skills. If the data is not available then it must be gathered. This applies to any project, whether it is a complex new business development or assessing the effectiveness of a simple promotion. Decisions should not be made unless they can be justified.

As part of this process Russell Corporate Advisory supplies relevant advice on market trends, government regulations, planning and implementation. Our support services can include operational reviews, feasibility studies, workforce restructuring, asset management (best use of surplus/non core assets) as well as expert guidance on funding requirements, financial submissions and corporate governance.

Registered Clubs have unique planning considerations given they are companies limited by guarantee and are classified for taxation purposes as not-for-profit. Development of strategic and business plans requires an understanding of their role in future years so that a balance can be created between social and financial goals.