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Our principal, Greg Russell carries a wealth of experience in the hospitality and gaming sector. He manages a team of qualified professionals who provide high level, effective, commercial solutions. We are committed to adding value to our clients businesses and exploring all options to the benefit of all stakeholders, including financiers, creditors, members and employees. 

We work for: 
  • Healthy businesses seeking to increase profitability and strategically plan for the future.
  • Sluggish businesses needing to adapt to the challenges of a changing operational environment.
  • Distressed businesses that have reached a state where formal insolvency appointments need to be considered. With creative thinking these businesses can survive and win! It is vital that these organisations seek help while resources are still available.
  • Financiers and other stakeholders with an investment in the profitability of a business who require expert advice on financial issues and business viability.
Our firm operates in two parts: 
Russell Corporate Advisory Services Pty Ltd ABN 87 111 049 999 provides consulting services. 
Russell Corporate Advisory ABN 73 875 965 149 is the entity through which insolvency appointments are taken. 

Scope of Our Services 
Russell Corporate Advisory has acted in both a consulting and an insolvency capacity for clients ranging from small clubs to large multi-million dollar enterprises. We have the capability to undertake large scale appointments while providing regular and concise reports to stakeholders. 

Our work is conducted in consultation with an extensive network of professionals that includes solicitors, valuers, property consultants, construction and development companies, financiers, operations and facilities maintenance, insurers, suppliers and regulatory bodies. In situations where an insolvency appointment is required, we are able to quickly and accurately assess issues such as occupational health and safety risks, building compliance matters and realisable security values. This enables us to source financial outcomes, such as amalgamations and labour force restructuring, which may not otherwise be achievable for our clients.