Strategic Planning

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At Russell Corporate Advisory we believe that Strategic Planning is the foundation of decision making and is one of the cornerstones of sound corporate governance. It is one of our core services given our credo of business transformation, helping business to improve. 

Decision making in any organisation needs to be within a framework of policies and objectives that will drive the organisation. A strategic plan provides the mechanism to create the framework, and we at Russell Corporate Advisory work with organisations to facilitate development of practical strategic objectives. 

We take an individual approach to strategic planning which is tailored according to the situation of the organisation for which we are working. We endorse an evolutionary approach so that the focus and form of the plan will evolve as the organisation progresses. 

Russell Corporate Advisory facilitate sessions to guide key personnel through the strategic planning process. Strategic objectives, financial policies and fundamental performance indicators are established. Through this process, clear objectives are created. The resulting document provides a blueprint for Boards of Directors and Senior Management.

The implementation of a Strategic Plan is treated as an ongoing process to be undertaken by the organisation. Russell Corporate Advisory can assist in this process through additional support services and products.


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