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Access to this information about appointments managed by GA Russell of Russell Corporate Advisory, is limited to members or shareholders of the relevant managed entities. In order to enter the area containing information about Russell Corporate Advisory appointments, you must make the declaration below.

“I confirm that I am a member or shareholder of this entity or representative of such a member or shareholder, or a person invited or engaged by Russell Corporate Advisory in connection with this appointment who has been given permission to access this information. I agree not to communicate any information contained in the “Member Information” area relating to the Company (which is or may be defamatory) to any person other than another member or shareholder of the Company.

I indemnify Russell Corporate Advisory and its related companies in respect of any liability to which they are exposed in the event that this declaration is false and as a consequence of that falsity”

To make this declaration, please enter your email address below and click “Accept”

If you are not a person that can make the declaration above, click “Decline” and you will return to the previous page.

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